The research focus of LTT is the investigation and improvement of processes in energy and process engineering. A major topic is the optimisation of combustion processes, starting from the improvement of the still insufficient understanding of simple model flames up to experimental investigations of complex technical systems. Current research topics include the design of hydrogen burners and various aspects of soot formation. Combustion processes also play an important role in the synthesis of nanoparticles with defined properties. The LTT is also engaged in a variety of other particle production processes in the gas and liquid phases.

In order to investigate the complex issues in all research areas at LTT, the provision of suitable measurement tools plays a crucial role. In many cases, optical measurement methods and modern laser measurement techniques are developed and used, which enable the acquisition of information without contact and with high spatial and temporal resolution. The development of spectroscopic methods also provides new insights into a number of other  areas, such as the study of proteins and polymers.

The close collaboration of scientists with different educational backgrounds, the funding by a variety of organisations and the close cooperation with a number of academic partners and renowned industrial companies has created an innovative research climate at the LTT, in which cutting-edge research questions are addressed in a cooperative manner.

A detailed overview of the activities of the individual research groups can be found here: